Steeped in the Word

“A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.” – Proverbs 24:5


Reading and studying the Bible daily will cause you to become strong in your faith. I’m sure that this makes good sense to you, but you probably won’t do anything about it. I doubt that you would read and study more just because I said it would increase your strength in the Lord. Besides, you have other more important things to do already, and everyone knows how sleepy you get when you start to read the Bible.

Consider the difference between a strong and a weak cup of tea. The same ingredients – water and a tea bag – are used for both. The difference is that the strong cup of tea results from the tea leaves’ immersion in the water longer, allowing the water more time to get into the tea and the tea in the water. The longer the steeping process, the stronger the cup of tea. In the same way, the length of time we spend in God’s Word determines how deeply we get into it and it gets into us. Just like the tea, the longer we are in the Word, the stronger we become. If becoming strong in faith is appealing to you, begin spending some quality time in the Word right away.


Your Servant In Christ,

Rev. Charles Twymon