Dads & Dandelions

The florists don’t look to make a big profit on sales Father’s Day weekend. Roses and Father’s Day never really went together, and florists don’t stock dandelions. The official flower for Father’s Day should be the dandelion. You know, Taraxacum, the flower that is considered by most to be a weed. You don’t have to plant it or water it, because it’s tough, resilient, and comes back even when it’s trampled on.

Sometimes we dads feel like dandelions because very often our tenacity is not appreciated. When we work hard (and sometimes overtime) to provide the best for our families, often it’s looked upon as being just a mere duty performed. We know that it’s our job to make sacrifices. We know that we only need four pairs of shoes and our wives need forty. We know that our children need designer clothes while we buy from the Warehouse. We even accept the fact that we’ll never have that little red sport car because dental braces, college tuition, home repairs, and new kitchen appliances are high on the list of family priorities.

So, a little appreciation is in order for us fathers who do what we are supposed to do. One day out of the year is plenty. We don’t need to be pampered or fussed over. Just a little appreciation for sacrifices made in the line of duty. After all, no one fusses over dandelions. Except when they’re trying to get rid of them.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADS! Enjoy the day! Kick back and relax, because the money that’s spent on you today will probably come out of your wallet tomorrow. Not complaining… just keeping it real!


Your Servant in Christ,
Rev. Charles Twymon