Gentle Persuasion


Over the years, I have made a conscious attempt to refine my preaching technique.  Trying to persuade people to live within the guidelines and principles of God’s Word has always been a challenge.  We that proclaim the gospel message very often begin in a moderate and gentle tone.  We don’t mean to spit and holler at the top of our lungs, but it happens. 

Once there was a farmer who sold his mule to another farmer who lived down the road.  He explained to the new owner in great detail:  “This old mule is a good mule, he has many years of hard work still in him.  Just remember to be gentle with him, ever so gentle.”

The next day about ten o’clock in the morning, the purchaser appeared at the door of the seller, most irate, demanding his money back.  “What’s wrong?” asked the seller.  “That old mule is sitting in the middle of my barn and won’t move.  I have been ever so gentle with him just as you told me.”

“Oh let me help you.” said the seller.  So they went down the road to the new owner’s barn.  The seller looked around the barn and found a big stick and hit the mule across his rear as hard as he could.  The mule got up ready to go to work.  “But I thought you said to be ever so gentle with him.” “Yes,” said the seller, “But first you’ve got to get his attention.”

Macedonia, as your pastor, I resolve to become a better preacher and gently persuade you to pursue the great work of the Lord.  Now, if I can just find me a big stick….. !!