Please Get Involved

It’s a sad but true statistic that most of our churches are governed on the “80/20 principle.” That means 80% of its membership benefits from the contributions that only 20% of its membership gives. Only 20% do the actual work that the other 80% enjoy. Usually only 20% of the church understands the principle of sacrifice and service, while the 80% would prefer to be spectators rather than participators.

A story is told of a fort being attacked by Native Americans (you just can’t say “Indians” anymore). There were only four soldiers left alive in the fort, but the Native Americans didn’t know this from their vantage point. It looked to them like hundreds of soldiers manned the walls. The four living soldiers had propped up all their dead comrades along the wall with their weapons still in their lifeless hands. The four ran back and forth, firing off the guns of the dead soldiers. From the outside, it looked very convincing – but on the inside, there were only four tired desperate men who prayed for reinforcements.

Macedonia, we look pretty convincing from the outside, but it’s just a few of us running back and forth, shooting off the weapons of fallen and tainted soldiers. We’re tired, we’re desperate, and we’re praying for reinforcements to help us wage this war against sin and Satan. Will you please get involved! We don’t need volunteers; we need servants of God. We need those that are willing to sacrifice in serving Jesus Christ. Do more than occupy a pew every now and then.


Your Servant in Christ,
Rev. Charles Twymon