This Far By Faith (2020)

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Scripture Text: Romans 10:8-17

Macedonia celebrates 100 years of existence as a church. This is a remarkable milestone especially considering there have only be 3 pastors since the church was organized. Our church has been blessed to have 3 strong leaders throughout its history. Even more impressive is the fact that all 3 pastors are of the same family. Pastor Twymon has been leading the flock for the last 40 years!

As amazing as all of this is, Pastor Twymon reminds us that Macedonia’s longevity can only be credited to the power of God. We have come this far by faith in Him and it is by His grace that we continue to strive for the cause of Christ.

As you listen to the message, we ask you to continue to pray that God will continue to get the glory from our congregation and all those churches around the world that continue to be a beacon of light in a dark world.